Personal Statement preparation details

Our prices for writing a Personal Statement are:
Up to 1000 words: €123 (minimum fee, €100 plus 23% VAT)
1000 – 1250 words: €153.75 (€125 plus 23% VAT)
1250-1500 words: €184.50 (€150 plus 23% VAT)

* Price increases at a rate of €30.75 (€25 plus 23% VAT) per block of 250 words thereafter.
The UCAS limit is 47 lines (or 4000 characters), which works out at about 670 words.

Please bring with you a copy of your current CV and allot approximately 30 minutes of your time to be with us so that we can gather all the necessary information from you.
Please also download a copy of our ebook Get That Job!, and hope you find it useful.